yrs – toothbrush

In an aesthetic manner the YRS-toothbrush shall introduce you to a new way of consuming. In case of the YRS-toothbrush just the bristels get replaced, which makes it a more sustainable and long lasting toothbrush. It shall present a practical alternative to the commonly thrown away toothbrush. The YRS-toothbrush comes with 12 heads. One for each month of the year. (YRS stands for years)
The design is clean, simple and functional. The toothbrush shall fit in the hygienic environment of a bathroom. Color was just used to bring attention to the exchangeable parts, so that the consumer understands the product in an intuitive way. The body of the YRS-toothbrush is very long lasting, because it´s made from V2A (stainless steel). The exchangeable head with it´s bristels is made from pla and nylon.