I designed these toilets in the context of the “flush project”, which was about transforming bathroom facilities of nine different leisure and cultural locations within Maastricht Wijk quarter.Ceramique Wijk and the Centre Ceramique is a place of rich history. Over 2500 years this region is inhabited. In this area first the Celts lived then the Romans and in the 18th-19th century in this region ceramics got industrially produced (hence the name of the region) . The archive of the Centre Ceramique harbors a lot of historical artifacts from past times.
In my design I try to create an exhibition space for historical artifacts, which are important relicts of a past, that lead to our present. The walk to the toilet shall get used in an efficient manner and provide not just relief, but also an interesting and informative image of Maastrichts rich history.
pictures by Gregor Ramaekers